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Rick Russo
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Office Number (916) 791-1901 Ext. 112
Fax Number (916) 797-3388
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We have the privilege of serving the insurance needs for thousands of families and hundreds of businesses including commercial real estate, apartments and homeowner associations throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.

Richard Russo Insurance Agency business model is built on Relationships and Trust. I began my agency career in 1985 as a Young Urban Professional or (Yuppie is how they described it in the 80's). My wife was still in college and my business hours were 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday; weekends as well if anybody would see me. Three decades later I still enjoy the opportunity to meet with people, albeit at more reasonable hours, and discuss how insurance is the single most important professional service they will ever purchase. Done correctly insurance will pay the doctor, dentist, attorney, contractor and collision center when you have an accident. Insurance will keep the doors open if you own a business. And life insurance can keep the hopes and dreams alive for your family should life's journey end suddenly for you. 
I have seen first hand the benefits of proper insurance coverage and sadly I have seen the hopelessness of the uninsured. If you love someone or have love ones that depend on you financially, then you better know your insurance agent. We all take risks in one form or another, but don't risk being uninsured if you have love ones depending on you. And for goodness sake if you are a thrillseeker, get life insurance before you take to the road or dirt or water. If you can afford the toys you can afford life insurance as well as insurance for your recreational toys.